Universal Property Services

Universal Property ServicesUniversal Property Services offers property management services nationwide and needed a website to streamline services for one particular client that has over 250 locations. Universal contracted a vendor base of about 30 service providers over a two state region to perform snow removal services at the clients locations. Prior to the creation of their website, verification of services and accounting operations were a manual task requiring hundreds of employee hours and a large of amount of paperwork per season. This was inefficient and error-prone. I was able to create a website that tracked services called in to the vendor's IVR system and automate the billing process for both the customer and Universal. The result was a reduction of employee hours to approximately five per week, less need for vendor interaction and follow-up, quicker payments, and a substansial reduction in errors.

I was able to build this site around contributed Drupal modules like: views, panels, rules, feeds, organic groups, and features. A small amount of custom development was required to make modifications to a contributed module.